Konvent are a Death Doom band from Copenhagen, Denmark, and play an undiluted dark heavy sound. Konvent's sound features small parts of murky sludge thrown in with the combination of down tempo death metal with doomed riffs.

What I liked about the demo was the way they hooked you in with haunting guitars and strong deep growls that made me picture something crawling along the floor in a scene reminiscent of something I'd see on the Ash vs Evil Dead TV series. The music interchanges well and is played to a professional standard with each member remaining in time. The vocals are also strong both with lead and backing, flowing with the overall sound.

The second track, Squares, really picked it up and has a thunderous opening, which is a worthy rise from the sofa anthem. Squares is followed by the 3rd song 'Tracks', which could be the opening to a Mad Max/Fallout game or movie. Imagine someone stepping forth from a cave and staring ahead at the barren and desolate landscape before them.

I'm not sure I could listen to a full LP of this style of Death Doom, I'd need some fast tracks here and there, or a few mid paced songs, so as always it comes down to personal taste, but as a 4 track EP I think Konvent's 2017 release is excellent. My least favorite song from the demo was No End, which I couldn't really feel, but Konvent's 2017 demo has notable grit within the music.

There remains no official rating system in place, but safe to say, Konvent will make you mosh, which is what we want with any music.


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