Happy New Year all, I want to write about some serious rad super mosh that has me pretty amped, but I'm a huge, huge, fan of hc. It is my favorite music above all, so I guess its one of those genres I struggle to be objective with, but Liar's Tongue just had me hyper from the start. Liar's Tongue are the perfect New Year's Day wake up call. I don't drink, but was up until near 7am, I'm in zombie mode. What grabbed when I was listening to Threat Of Intellect were the riffs and meaty big butt breakdowns. They are powerful and are an instant hook. We are talking everything that metallic hc does right. The thrash and classic metalcore influences along with hc punk are all here for the pallet to lap up. 

Eclipse of Justice introduces the LP nicely, and sets the tone. Threat Of Intellect contains the same energy as an All Out War album, and is a very enjoyable listen, which I'm struggling to hide as I'm wanting to jump over sofas so bad. 

Here's my tip for New Years Resolutions, keep your money, don't join Big Frank's gym, just go pick up a copy of Threat Of Intellect, turn it up loud, then become a practitioner of sofa hurdling. Its cheaper, and your ears are safe from hearing the wack gym skip to the beat helium ish vocaled EDM. 

In all seriousness, I'd love to pit to this band, running around falling on the floor to the mosh. I mentioned at the start of the review about my problem with being objectionable when it comes to all things hardcore. When hardcore and any sub genre of hc is played well, you cannot help become so stoked and hyper. There is just a level of realness, which is hard to put into words.

Liar's Tongue are a welcomed discovery, the perfect soundtrack to get the blood pumping on New Year's Day.

My favorite tracks from Threat of Intellect are: Conquer and Control, Another Face, Threat Of Intellect, and Mindless Majority. Truthfully, its all a rad cocktail of mosh. I only recently came across Liar's Tongue, or I'd have placed them in my tops of 2017, but they will be featured in my best of 2018 list. 

Awesome work guys, & I'm super stoked to see what you do next.

FFO: HC, Metallic HC, NYHC, Thrash, Crossover, HC Punk.

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