Malformity were a pleasant surprise, I was in a Sunday bored mood trying to find something that would hold my ears. Upon hearing Malformity's EP, I managed to drag myself out of slumber and my ears perked up. High quality mosh time. The EP isn't the most out of the box release ever, but I like it. The music is put together well enough and has a direct and in your face approach with a furious opening of mosh.

The two tracks are played to a fast, pummelling volley, which should be played loud in a mosh space if you can find one, or just run around the backyard growling at the fence or something. The only aspects I didn't like with the EP are the mellow chorus parts on the first track, but a small bug bear, and no major gripe.

I guess people who maybe want a mixed EP with a range of musical approaches may not enjoy it, or those who can't handle a non-stop mosh fest probably won't like the EP. With that being said, music is a mood vibe, and this is perfect for moshing to, releasing frustration on a bad day, running around in a circle pit, skating, or if you enjoy the mosh, turn it up loud and growl along.

Malformity are a band I'd have definitely featured on my former Wastelands radio show, very mosh worthy.

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