Panic Room are another rad hc band that I came across on Bandcamp a few weeks ago. They are a band I'd have happily featured on my former Wastelands radio show. 

The opening track Parasite is really an introduction to the demo and is warming people up to get ready. Imagine you are all starting to take up positions in the pit, organise the manner in which the circle running shall commence, and so forth. When the next track Torment chimes in, then its time to begin the order of the mosh. There is a nice in time tempo with the track, which immediately says start pitting and running around. You know what you are hearing, classic metallic hc with angry vocals, riffs, drums, and a tight knit sound to help you let loose!

The final track from the demo is Quarantine, and depending on how bad you currently smell due to moshing excessively, you may indeed need separating from others whilst you take a shower. It is an outro track, which didn't really do anything. I haven't heard the full follow up LP, which was released in 2017, and bear in mind this a demo from 2016. For people that love hardcore such as myself, then Panic Room are another band worth supporting.

The second track Torment, is the one that sells the demo. The first and last tracks are really just intros and outros, but Panic Room are a solid metallic hc outfit, and I would imagine the 2017 LP was a quality album.

Anyway, go check out Panic Room at the following links:

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