The Commuter is the new movie from director Jaume Collet-Serablah, who had previously worked with Liam Neeson on Non-Stop.

The film is very much the standard typical Neeson action movie. I'm a fan of Liam and enjoy his action roles, and they usually feature some highly humorous moments, but the formula is starting to look a bit worn. Liam is a great actor, but is in danger of becoming typecast with Takenesque films.

Act 1 opens up with Liam's character fired from his insurance job, and then meeting one of his pals in a bar before getting the train home. Whilst Liam is sat reading on his journey home, a mysterious woman sits opposite him, and poses a hypothetical question. There is a financial incentive, and after having second thoughts, Liam's character's family are threatened, and that pretty much keys up the remainder of the movie. 

Its then frantic walking and running through train carriages to carry out the task set by the mystery woman, and engage in various action scenes. The comedic moment of the movie involves a guitar, which is pure comic book hilarity.

The acting is solid enough, but don't expect anything amazingly new, and The Commuter is a retreading of former movies such as Nonstop, Taken, and so on. The problem is, whilst The Commuter isn't terrible, it is just like another version of those previously mentioned films. I like Liam as an actor, I've enjoyed his action movies, but I think he needs to do something different. I'd only recommend going to see The Commuter in movie theatres if you are a Liam Neeson fan like myself, or are a die hard supporter of action movies. Overall, The Commuter isn't bad, but nothing ground breaking.


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