Oh yes, more hc punk for me to share! Raaa! Ok this one is strictly for fans of all things hc and punk. I played bands like Vile Spirit so many times on The Wastelands Radio. Raw, harsh, uncompromising, and sonic noise assaults of punk destruction. Vile Spirit also have a bit of d-beat vibe about them, but man they got my blood pumping, and I just wanted to run around in circles shouting raaaa!

The demo is just what I've pretty much said, raw fast noise. If you aren't a fan of punk/hc, grindcore, raw d-beat, then you will probably hate this, but if you can feel the energy, feel the rawness, the vibe, and referring to the band's name, if you can hear the Vile Spirit, i.e. an unpolluted and unpolished sound that demands you run around in circles whilst they jam, then you will be like me, and saying out loud;
'ohhhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhhhhh, radness.' 

Yes folks, you really can't tell I'm big into hc punk can you (giggles). 

Final thoughts, Vile Spirit may not play anything you haven't heard before in hc punk, but its a faithful raw sound that shouldn't disappoint, if you like this kind of music (which I do), but for everyone else aside from grinders, it maybe to raw and harsh, which gives me a reason to play this for friends even louder and say;
'Listen!, that's what you get for making me listen to clean understandable music. 

Haha, ra ra, go check them out!

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