Ancient Visionz Radio episode 17-2-18 with US singer/songwriter/musician Ceekay Jones, who discussed his forthcoming UK and European tour, writing and recording music, the new album 'The Introduction Of Mr Jones', future albums, inspiration for music, Hip Hop, Metal, HC, Country, Snowboarding, Motocross, and his favorite movies/TV series.

For those not aware, Ceekay used to play in NY hardcore band, Skarhead. He is very experienced with a multitude of genres and an all round musician, so if you hold any interest for any kind of music, then this show is not to be missed. This episode was one of my favorite shows, Ceekay was such a genuine and interesting person to talk to. 

A great independent musician and highly recommended.

Ceekay Jones

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Sliptrick Records

Press release courtesy of Grand Sounds PR. 

CEEKAY JONES Offers You ‘The Introduction Of Mr. Jones’

American singer/songwriter Ceekay Jones returns with his new album The Introduction Of Mr. Jones. The album features 8 original tracks and 2 acoustic live studio takes full of intimacy and passion. The Introduction Of Mr. Jones is an unpredictable sonic journey, displaying Ceekay Jones vast abilities to tap into many genres of music and find the glue to make it all work. It features his previous 3 singles, the soulful I Don’t Know, the thoughtful A Blind Man’s Gunand the rhythmic The Reason which feature the hip-hop stylings of guest stars Ekoh & DJ Presto One.

The album features some of Ceekay’s long term associates and also some new collaborations, all building to a substantial, cohesive whole. The Introduction Of Mr. Jones artwork has been created by the artist John Wentz.

The Introduction Of Mr. Jones | Released February 28th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records.

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