DevilSpeak - Debut EP Release Info (DEATH THRASH)

DevilSpeak from Cape Town, South Africa are launching their debut 3 track EP "See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil" on Sat 10 Feb 2018.  The launch celebration is taking the form of a live show being broadcast globally via their Facebook/YouTube pages on the same day.

See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil - Debut 3 Track EP

"See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil" is the debut EP by DevilSpeak.  It consists of 3 tracks in their style of Death/Thrash:

        Honoured By The Bleeding
        Unearth Hell
        Internal Shrapnel

"Unearth Hell" was released as a single on 12 Sep 2017 and garnered radio play world wide on many shows, it can be found online to stream here

"Internal Shrapnel" was sent to various radio stations world wide during the week of 29 Jan 2018 and is busy receiving airplay

The EP was recorded at Milestone Studios in the bustling and vibrant city center of Cape Town.  Jethro Harris again engineered the recording, acted as producer and did the mixing.  The mastering was done by Kelsey Mastering in South Africa.  DevilSpeak strongly believe in producing Proudly South African products and always work with others in South Africa.

Global Broadcast Live Stream - A Live Show Anyone in the World can Watch

The EP launch celebration is happening the same day the EP is launching digitally across all platforms, being Sat 10 Feb 2018. The launch celebration has taken the form of a live show being broadcast globally via the DevilSpeak Facebook/YouTube pages.  We are aiming to stream to both simultaneously, but are still busy working out how to get that done.

The live show performance stream will be coming at you direct from Milestone Studios, with Jethro Harris handling the live sound mix. The multi camera live video editing is to be done by 2C Productions from Cape Town, who have experience in this field of work both for live festivals, large shows as well as live streams.

An intimate handpicked audience of 20 will be in attendance in the studio.

The stream will kick off from around 5pm CAT / 3pm GMT / 10am EST / 9am CST.  We will be playing a live set of about 30 mins, consisting of the 3 EP tracks as well as 2 extra tracks, being our debut single "Violently Leading The Blind" (also found on our bandcamp) as well as a track you've not heard before, unless you've seen us live, in "Embrace Decay".

 We have been working on this for over a year now and it's exciting to announce it.

 We have 4 radio interviews lined up so far to help spread this news:

 Fri 2 Feb with Ancient Visionz in the UK (Live)

 Mon 5 Feb 2018 on the Rock Arena on OneFM94.0 in Cape Town from 10pm CAT (Live)

Thu 8 Feb 2018 on the Breakfast Zone on Zone Radio in Cape Town from 10:30am CAT (Live)

TBD with The Killogic Effect in the USA

Here's the Facebook event for this global live stream broadcast.  We encourage people to join this one as we plan to use it to communicate about the stream on the day

We also have a venue, one of the institutions on the Cape Town metal and alternative live music scene, being Gandalf's who will be opening their doors earlier than usual on Sat 10 Feb 2018 to screen the live stream on a 55" screen for people in Cape Town who might want to get festive and enjoy the stream at a club or perhaps can't stream at home or have problems doing so.  Here is the event for that

Press on the global broadcast live stream:

Physical CD Release - not the Usual Digipak or Jewel Case Format

The EP is also going to be released as a physical CD. DevilSpeak are still busy working on the ins and outs of getting everything done for that.

The cover for the CD will take the shape of a normal CD Digipak on first glance/holding, it then unfolds panel by panel into the shape of a cross. There are 4 pieces of art that have been done for the EP cover: Skellie our mascot had an update and we then had a piece of art done for each part of the title, meaning See Evil is depicted, Hear Evil is depicted and Speak Evil is depicted.  The artwork that was released with "Unearth Hell" is also the artwork for "Hear Evil".

Each track on the EP is also being associated with one of the pieces of art. The art is also on both sides of the cover and things have been designed in such a way that you can either look at the cross upside down, or turn it around it to look at it right side up, and the art looks great and works on both sides and both ways you might want to orient your cross.

If this piques your interest please let us know, as we aim on sending out more information about this as well as more detailed images and videos to show you what this looks like in practice, once we have finalised the manufacturing process and production costs. We have been working with Sepulchral Visions for the art and design and TVS Graphic Design for the production and manufacturing of this for over a year now and are in the final stages.

EP Merch

We are using our Skellie mascot on a shirt as the EP launch shirt to start with. Skellie is incorporated into the main EP cover art. The cover art is such that we could make more shirts using it with other designs on them, which is something we will explore further down the line.

Who we are working with

Here follows a bit about each of the South African people or companies we are working with for this release.

Jethro Harris

Jethro Harris started recording music at an early age. After graduating from SAE institute, he worked many live shows in clubs like Mercury Live and Assembly, festivals like Rocking The Daisies and Synergy, and concerts like the Old Mutual Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts, where he did four seasons as head stage tech and occasional monitor engineer. He worked with a number of local and overseas acts, both in studio and on stage, before joining Milestone Studios in 2013.

He still works part-time as a Live Sound Engineer, and enjoys new challenges.

Milestone Studios

Milestone Studios is Cape Town's premier recording studio complex. It offers music recording in great acoustic spaces; audio post-production for film and television commercials; ADR, ISDN and Source-Connect; language translation and supervision into all 11 South African official languages; vintage analogue and cutting edge digital equipment; ProTools HD, Logic Pro and Ableton Live; and film scoring by award-winning in-house composers.

Murray Anderson started Milestone Studios with Patrick Lee Thorp and Zayn Adam in 1987 to record demo songs for songwriters contracted to Mountain Records at the time. Anderson later bought out his partners and moved from the Old Castle Brewery building in Woodstock to the UCA Building in central Cape Town. The studio was expanded from a single room and a 24-track tape recorder to three fully-equipped ProTools rooms, one of which had a live recording room capable of recording bands and choirs. This was to be the studio’s home until 2004. Murray Stewart joined Milestone as a partner in 1993 and played a major part in the growth and success of the studio before retiring in 2007. Warrick Sony joined the studios in 2001 and is still actively involved at Milestone, producing music for TV advertisements and films.

At the end of 2004, the building housing the studio premises was bought by a developer and demolished, and a new building was constructed. A section of this new building was purchased, and ex-South African architect Ivan Kadey, now based in Los Angeles, designed a state-of-the-art studio which was built over a period of three years.

Kelsey Mastering

I'm a mastering engineer. Music moves me. Making it sound sweeter brings me joy and the trust my clients put in me is considered a real privilege.

Sepulchral Visions

Rotting Artwork, Logos and Illustration.

TVS Graphic Design

The main focus is to design with you for you, in building your business or hobby, with it being an event to making a simple sign or designing your logos and concepts for manufacturing.

2C Productions

2C Productions is an audio, film and video production company. With over 20 years in the live audio industry, Terence Collings founder of 2C Productions, has worked on all major festivals as FOH and monitor engineer. 2C Productions has been involved in provide technical support for festivals such as Up The Creek, Rocking the Daises and October beer fest. With our contacts and knowledge of the industry we are capable of producing any live production.

2C Productions also produces films and video. In the live environment we  provide video support for functions ranging from a small corporate to a large festival. with the growth in demand for streaming, 2C Productions is capable in the production of high quality streaming and with our strong audio background, the audio quality of the streaming process is never overlooked.


DevilSpeak is a 5 piece Death/Thrash Metal band based in Cape Town, South Africa. DevilSpeak members are Azaliyah Bester on Ryhthm Guitar, De Wet Loots on Lead Guitar, Jarred Williams on Vocals, Francois Meyer on Drums and Derrick Leppan on Bass Guitar.

DevilSpeak was formed in August 2014 when Francois auditioned on drums at a practice session with the other four members and everyone immediately recognised that the musical chemistry between them all was very real and special. The next day the name of DevilSpeak was chosen and so the band began.

The name DevilSpeak is a play on words of the Devil's Peak Mountain in Cape Town. It's a way to say that they are from Cape Town and they are a metal band.

DevilSpeak had their live debut on 20 Mar 2015, having spent 7 months honing a 6 song set into as formidable a shape as possible.

DevilSpeak recorded their debut single, “Violently Leading The Blind”, on 18 and 19 April 2015 at Milestone Studios with Jethro Harris engineering. All instruments were miced up for the recording as the aim here was to capture the live feeling of the band, as well as their actual sound.

"Violently Leading The Blind" was released on 1 September 2015 and very soon started getting radio play worldwide, initially in the UK and soon spreading to the USA, Panama, France, and other parts of the world.

In 2016 DevilSpeak was nominated for and won the award for Best Newcomer at the South African Metal Music Awards.

Notable shows that DevilSpeak have played include being invited to play at Metal4Africa's Winterfest'15 in Aug 2015, opening for NervoChaos from Brazil on their South African tour they did with Boargazm in Feb 2016, supporting Vulvodynia on their tour of Cape Town in Apr 2016, taking part in the Wacken Metal Battle South Africa in Apr 2016, opening for Rotting Christ in Cape Town in Jul 2016, hosting the Local Aid: South Africa show in Oct 2016 with all proceeds going to the Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch, touring to the Eastern Cape in Dec 2016, supporting Pulvis Et Umbra from Italy in Dec 2016, playing Emalyth Arts Expo: Nine Lives in Pretoria in Jan 2017, closing the night at Metal4Africa's Summerfest'17 in Feb 2017, supporting Belgium's Ashes on their South African tour in Mar 2017, opening the Witchfest 2017 Cape Town event in Apr 2017 which had Mantar and DevilDriver as headliners, supporting South Africa's Terminatryx at their 15 Year Anniversary show in Aug 2017 and supporting Prescriptiondeath from Sweden at a Cape Town date on their South African tour in late 2017.

In 2017 DevilSpeak was nominated for and won the award for Best Thrash Metal Band at the South African Metal Music Awards.

DevilSpeak recorded a 3 track EP in Sep 2016, with preproduction commencing on this in March 2016. The EP was again recorded at Milestone Studios with Jethro Harris engineering. The mastering was done by Kelsey Mastering.

"Unearth Hell" was released as a single off this EP on 12 Sep 2017 and garnered much consistent radio play world wide as well as news articles on various blogs and websites around the world, including places like Indonesia, Australia, Italy, USA, UK, South Africa, Nigeria and Greece to name a few.

The EP, entitled "See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil", consists of 3 tracks and will be released on 10 Feb 2018, with the launch celebration taking the form of a global broadcast live stream to their YouTube/Facebook pages.
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