Jungle Rot--What Horrors Await reissue {Victory Records} posted on 4-5-18 done by Patrick

Jungle Rot--What  Horrors Await  re-issue {Victory Rec.}

Wisconsin's legendary Jungle Rot  will be  re-releasing  their  fifth cd  through Victory Rec.What Horrors Await  was originally released in 2009 and contains fourteen songs of old school death metal greatness.The guitars  are played with alot of  skill and well performed patterns mainly played  with mid paced  guitar passages  but does speed up to a faster and heavier guitar style within some of the songs.The drums  are done with heavy mid paced style.The  drummer does play  some well written and performed  mid paced drums and does play some add some faster drums are played throughout the songs.The vocals are  old school death metal growls  with some  gruff  type growls and screams entertwined  within the music.If you  are a  fan of Jungle Rot i highly  recomend  picking up a  copy  of  What Horrors Await and if you are new to  Jungle Rot and enjoy  high quality old school death metal then be sure to pick this  release up today and lok for the  bands past releases  all are very good.

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