The Wastelands debuts this Saturday on Cranium Radio @ 4pm-7pm EST (US)/9pm-12am UK. Cranium Radio is a multi-genre station and is the new home for The Wastelands. It makes sense as we share a similar vision and want to achieve the same goals.

I'll be returning to my role as The Wanderer and playing underground punk, hc, crust, d-beat, grindcore, thrash, death metal, skits, on air comedy, and sometimes selections from underground hip hop mixed with comedy and skits. 

The Wastelands:

Airplay/shouts/on air promo:

Cranium Radio Listening links:

Cranium Radio Links:

I'm also in the process of building with Cranium Radio to feature the staff as guests with myself and VX on Ancient Visionz Talk Radio. For those unfamiliar with Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, the show revolves around movies and music.
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About Ancient Visionz

Gaz Visionz is a writer and Internet Radio DJ with the punk/metal show 'The Wastelands'. He is also a YouTube podcaster/creator, host of Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, co-host of Paradigm Radio with Planet X Films, and a passionate fan of hardcore punk, metal, underground hip hop, movies, science-fiction, comics, and indie film.
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