Hey all, here is the first play list from the return of The Wastelands on the new home at Cranium Radio. I know many of you have asked why there is no podcast for the show, as not everyone is available to tune in live, but Cranium Radio are a fully licensed legit station, so the license doesn't cover archives from music shows. This just relates to music and not talk radio shows, so Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, which is done independently outside of Cranium Radio will upload archives as normal. 

The positive for The Wastelands, I really can play anything, so there are many themes I can explore if I wish, and the guys at Cranium Radio have also said I can do interviews and editions of Ancient Visionz Radio. 

Live every Saturday on from 4pm-7pm EST (US)/9pm-12am UK on

Featured in this episode: Metal Punk, Crust, DBeat, PV, Grindcore, Death Grind, Brutal DM, Old School DM, Punk, HC, Metallic HC, HC Punk, NYHC, Conscious Hip Hop, Spiritual Hip Hop, Underground Hip Hop.

For Airplay/promo/shouts, contact:

        Driller Killer - From out of Nowhere (2:19)

        Repression Attack - New Era (3:25)

        Germ Bomb - Sanctuary (3:21)

        Doyle - Run For Your Life (3:29)

        Misantropic - Raise the gallows (2:37)

        Painstaker - Bloodsport (2:28)

        Broken Flesh - Consumed By Death (2:34)

        ADE - Annibalem (5:06)

        Büried To Røt - Embalmed In Death (2:41)

        All Out War - The Murders Among Us (3:22)

        Knuckledust - Trust No One (1:40)

        Bring To Ruin - Career Suicide (1:19)

        RAD - Corporate Drugs (0:42)

        MONUMENT X - Clarity (0:54)

        Guerrilla Alliance - Sacrificial Chamber Ft Killah Priest (Cuts By Tone Spliff) (4:18)

        Jon Murdock - The War Is On (feat. Lex Starwind) (5:45)

        Vents - History Of The World (4:23)

        Sam Krats feat. Ruste Juxx - The Chosen (3:58)

        Antabus - Feel the pain (1:22)

        Aüralskit - Omnicide (2:01)

        365 Dagar Av Synd - Är Detta Tacken (1:12)

        DeathToll - Bastard Police (DT) (2:35)

        Dogmatist - Stories (1:26)

        Avfart 33 - Orättvisan/Panik (3:30)

        Dislodge - Toecutter's Demise (2:47)

        Insidious Process - Bäst före (1:16)

        Nuclear Death Terror - Collapse (3:17)

        Askevault - Denizens Decline (4:40)

        Disfear - Forced To Conform (1:34)

        Warvictims - Aptit För Förstörelse (1:28)

        Vardagshat - Laddparadise (1:52)

        Crow - Death of Nuclear Arms (4:25)

        Névrose - Neurasthénie (4:09)

        UNBOUND - Epitaphic Confines (1:22)

        Ursut - Varför ska jag betala? (3:12)

        Viha - Lokerot (1:30)

        Genocide Pact - Structural Dissolution (4:29)

        Graves - Vermin (1:15)

        Per Capita - Put In (1:23)

        Shaïd - Warpath (0:47)

        FUBAR - Tombs (0:45)

        Gadget - From Graduation to Devastation (0:59)

        Eaten - Demise (1:03)

        Endless Swarm - Shiteater (0:10)

        Mother Brain - Fishhook (0:42)

        Afgrund - Scarred forever (1:29)


        Closet Witch - Once Desolate Now Omega (0:36)

        Shackles - Underlying Intentions (1:00)

        Sacridose - Mother Critical (0:31)

        Despise You - Bankrupt Social Code (0:28)

        STOCKED - Gentrification (0:58)

        B1B - toxic human plague (1:25)

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