Hey folks, I'm stoked to present the return of Crimson Bones Thrash Radio Show and Captain Midnight Mosh. The show runs a monthly feature on the last Saturday of the month for now, but I'm eager to be in character again as Captain Midnight Mosh. Yarrrrrrr are ye ready laddies and lassies? Yarrrr, join me today as we search for thrash metal plunder! Yarrrr!

For those unfamiliar with Crimson Bones, it is another concept show I ran on Brutal Existence Radio, which briefly sailed diy, but is now ready to fly the Cranium Radio banner upon the high seas. The show is very fun themed with poorly voiced pirates, effects, and more.

Featured tomorrow: comedy poetry, yes the famous tales of the Captain's adventures on the high seas shall be told once again, thrash, crossover, death thrash, thrash, thrash, thrash, and thrash, comedy, skits, poorly voiced pirate voices, sea shanties, and more!

Only on Cranium Radio! Tune in from 4pm-8pm EST (US)/9pm-1am UK.

Listening link:

Crimson Bones Radio Info Page:


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