Interview with Vomitile done by Patrick posted up on 7-7-18

Interview with Khatch Yildizian, bassist and vocalist of Vomitile done by Patrick

1. Hello please introduce yourself to the readers and how is your day been going?

My day is going pretty good actually thanks for asking hope the same goes to you too.
My name is Khatch Yildizian, Bassist and Vocalist of Cypriot death metal band Vomitile.

2. Vomitile was started in 2007 when did you first get the idea to start this band?

To be honest with you the band was formed by our first vocalist George Hadjimanolis and Panos Larkou and I quickly joined the band a couple of months after and by the end of the year our first live show was given. The idea was to play nothing but extreme metal, slowly it ended up being the style of death metal were still playing now. Back then there were no extreme metal bands, or at least it wasn’t raw as they were always trying to make it more easily listing and melodic. Our intention was to make a more extreme form of metal band that didn’t really have those elements, or at least being overpowering in the end result

3.What is the current line-up of the band?And for the readers who have not heard Vomitile's how would you best describe it?
Since 2012 our band consists of me as the Bassist/Vocalist, George Yildizian – Guitars, Panos Larkou – Guitars, and Hugo Olivos – Drums.
Very simply I would describe it as straightforward punishing death fucking metal like the early to mid 90s, when death metal was at its best. Of course you hear a lot of modern elements as well as thrash metal elements but the overall sound is what I described it. Fast, brutal and heavy are the three words that best describe our music!!

4.Pure Eternal Hate is the bands third full length how long did it take the band to write the music for the new release?
The writing and recording process took more or less one year give or take.
It wasn’t easy given our personal schedules with our daytime jobs but at the end we delivered and oh man were so glad it’s finally out.

5.Who usually handles writing the lyrics for the music and what are some topics you all wrote about on Pure Eternal Hate?
Lyrics are written by me the past 2 albums and usually the topics covered are War, Gore, Insanity, and sometimes Serial Killers.
There are a lot of parts where I also write stuff like movie scenes but I don’t make it obvious and mix it together with a given topic. I think it’s very difficult detect it since as I said it’s not obvious at all.

6.Besides the upcoming release are the previous two releases still available for the readers to buy? Besides physical releases does the band have any other merchandise available for the readers if yes what is available and where can the readers buy it?
We’ve got a very limited amount of copies of the previous two releases left along with official merchandise like some killer t-shirts, Patches, Drum Sticks etc.
You can contact us through our official WebPages and email at

7.Has Vomitile played very many shows over the years?If yes what have been some of the bands most memorable shows and who are some bands you have shared the stage with?

Of course!! we have played a hell of a lot shows throughout the years, headlining countless local gigs as well as supporting giants like Sodom, Kreator and Obituary. Also we have co headlined a European tour with Master and a mini Greek tour with Onslaught.

8.Are their any shows or tours planned in support of the Pure Eternal Hate release?If yes where will the band be playing and who are some bands you will be sharing the stage with?
Nothing 100% certain yet but we are working in closing a European tour within the next months or early 2019.
Things are very tough unfortunately in the current music business but we are trying our best to head out to European countries and promote the album as much as possible.

9.Besides death metal do you or any of the members of the band listen to any other underground forms of metal or music in general?Who are some of your favorite artists and bands?

Most definitely, we listen to a lot of styles of music but always metal is the major selected genre at any given time of our daily lives.
At the moment there are so many that it’s hard for me to name them..

10.Other then music we are huge movie fans here do you enjoy watching movies?Do you have a favorite genre of movie or do watch a variety?
Yes I would call myself a movie fan but besides classic movies or any good new movies I don’t have anything in particular that I could point out. Especially with genres there isn’t anything specific that I like or hate. As long as it is a good movie I don’t mind.

11.What are some of your favorite movies of all-time?

Well let’s see, the first Rocky, Godfather 2, Back to the future (all three of them), 12 Angry Men, and Pulp Fiction. Guess there are more but if I start writing them all we won’t finish this interview hehe

12.Do you have any favorite actresses or actors that you enjoy watching?Are their any directors that you would consider your favorites?
Not really…

13.When you need to take a break from working on new music or band business what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Whatever free time is left I enjoy distilling all kinds of alcoholic spirits as it’s a very strong hobby of mine and reading articles about anything interesting.

14.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?

Thank you very much as well for having me in this interview and wish you and your zine all the best.
Keep supporting death metal!!!
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