New banner coming soon, The Wastelands has been extended to a 4hr edition!

PS: The show has now been extended to a 4hr edition, airing every Saturday from 4pm-8pm EST (US)/9pm-1am UK. I'll be mixing in other genres from doom, sludge, desert rock, so the show shall be like The Wastelands of old. Heavy emphasis on mosh, but sometimes open to other genres as mentioned above. Thank you everyone who supported the show yesterday. 

Hey all, here is the second play list from the return of The Wastelands on the new home at Cranium Radio. I know many of you have asked why there is no podcast for the show, as not everyone is available to tune in live, but Cranium Radio are a fully licensed legit station, so the license doesn't cover archives from music shows. This just relates to music and not talk radio shows, so Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, which is done independently outside of Cranium Radio will upload archives as normal. 
The positive for The Wastelands, I really can play anything, so there are many themes I can explore if I wish, and the guys at Cranium Radio have also said I can do interviews and editions of Ancient Visionz Radio. 
Live every Saturday on from 4pm-8pm EST (US)/9pm-1am UK on

Featured in this episode: Thrash, Grindcore, Crossover, Crust, DBeat, Stench, Power Violence/Fastcore (it is a genre of music), HC, Metallic HC, Death Metal, Slam, Old School DM, Brutal DM, Beatdown HC, HC Punk, Heavy HC, HC Metal, Underground Hip Hop, Spiritual Hip Hop, Conscious Hip Hop, Skits, Comedy, Metal, Punk, Mosh, & Silly Times.

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Wages of Fear - Poisoned From Within (2:33)
        Angel Of Sodom - Entry Denied (3:35)
        DEATHSTORM - Predatory Kill (4:47)
        Flayed Disciple - The Maniac (5:31)
        Foreseen - Fearmonger (3:25)
        Chemicaust - Genocide (5:51)
        Condor - Unstoppable Power (4:59)
        Angelus Apatrida - Downfall of the Nation (4:49)
        Rise of the Northstar - The New Path (3:58)
        Felony - Suspect (1:31)
        Grand Surgeon feat Ruste Juxx - Bring The Terror (beat & scratches by LG Roc) (2:32)
        Guerrilla Alliance - Star Metal Ft Chino Xl (Cuts By Tone Spliff) (5:38)
        Sam Krats feat. Gee Bag and El Da Sensei - Annihilate (4:00)
        Peasant - Nosedive (0:29)
        Reduced to Instinct - All the Same (0:38)
        RETIREMENT - Live For Nothing (1:32)
        Arms Race - The Beast (1:15)
        BOTTLED UP - Deflate (0:51)
        Lifewreck - LIfe Is Oppression (1:40)
        HIDDEN INTENT - Drop Bears Are Real (1:57)
        Hogan's Goat - Elkhorn Mountain (3:48)
        Ecstasy - Dry Snitch (1:11)
        Mediated Form - Civilized Man (0:40)
        Stimulant - Isolation Tank (1:11)
        DEADWITCH - Mindbent (1:54)
        Vile Gash - Bound (0:33)
        Blunt Force Trauma - Blackboard Jungle (3:20)
        BODYBAG - Visions of Death (2:58)
        Companion - Unbroken (2:46)
        Cold Hard Truth - Unfinished Business (3:05)
        CORRODE - THEATER OF WAR (1:12)
        DAUÐYFLIN - Gereyðing (1:01)
        Dark Habits - Black Tabs (1:12)
        Extended Hell - Armchair Killers (1:46)
        NARCOLEPTICS - "Landlord Scumbag" (1:51)
        PHYSIQUE - Nuclear Fucker (1:46)
        Systemik Viølence - Vulture Culture (1:57)
        Creative Waste - The Lowborn (1:25)
        Gore Bath - Inner War (1:28)
        Chronic Waste - Suffering in Sobriety (1:27)
        Despise You - Bankrupt Social Code (0:28)
        STOCKED - Gentrification (0:58)
        D.O.C. - Counterfeit Paradise (0:57)
        Endorphins Lost - Rambo Syndrome (1:54)
        Feral Chaos - Scared Minds (1:16)
        All Pigs Must Die - Moral Purge (1:38)
        Misrule - Bleed (0:40)
        One Day In Fukushima - Stench Of Rotten (0:50)
        LUNGLUST - The War at Home (4:07)
        Putrefaction - BALLAST EXISTENCES (3:05)
        Parasight - Du Glemt (2:14)
        Lapsaria - Stagnant Pool (1:55)
        Primal Rite - Interference (2:48)
        Antagonize - Sunday Best (1:56)
        Persistent Aggressor - Feast of Rats (1:07)
        Extinction Of Mankind - One Bullet (1:35)
        Sentient Horror - The Crypts Below (3:38)
        Wombbath - Harvester Of Sin (3:11)
CHAOSBRINGER - Immersion in Darkness (4:17)
        Zombie Assault - Cthulhu (3:32)
        Graven Maul - Phalanx B... (2:43)
        Draghkar - Swallowed By The Dark (3:32)

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