Due to a rescheduling, this week's show was split up into two parts. Part two play list is coming up. Back next Saturday!

Every Saturday on Cranium Radio from 4pm-8pm EST (US)/9pm-1am UK.

Featured in this episode: Death Metal, Thrash, NYHC, HC, Metallic HC, Slam, Brutal DM, Old School DM.

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 Cranium Radio are a fully licensed legit station, so the license doesn't cover archives from music shows. This just relates to music and not talk radio shows, so Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, which is done independently outside of Cranium Radio will upload archives as normal.

    Abysmal Torment - Hang Them High (4:17)
    EMETH - The Hour of the Great Contempt (5:55)
    Infecting The Swarm - Aberrated Antibiosis (3:30)
    Splattered - Abnormal Necrosis (2:41)
    Sapremia - Spawn of Desolation (5:33)
    Down From The Wound - The Aftermath (4:15)
    Wormed - Computronium Pulsar Nanarchy (3:52)
    Casket Robbery - Lilith (3:00)
    Crocell - Trembling Realms (3:21)
    Funebrarum - Miasma Of Pestilence (8:11)
    Horde Casket - Uprising (3:39)
    Dictated - The Basher (4:26)
    Ekpyrosis - Immolate The Denied (5:19)
    Leverage - Suffocate (1:47)
    Exhumed - Unspeakable (3:47)
    All For Nothing - Far from Home (3:05)
    Kid Presentable - Sacred (2:35)
    Agnostic Front - No One Hears You (1:38)
    All Out War - Choking on Indiffirence (4:40)
    Rise of the Northstar - Welcame (Furyo State Of Mind) (4:19)

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