Boethia--Celestial Gateway cd,cassette {Camo Pants Rec./Rotted Life Rec.} posted on 9-7-18 posted by Patrick

Boethia--Celestial Gateway cd,cassette {Camo Pants Rec./Rotted Life Rec.}
California's Boethia return with a brand new six song EP titled Celestial Gateway that will be released on both cd and cassette.The new EP. finds the duo of Derek{bass and drums and Sean{vocals and guitars} playing solid form of death metal.The music is mainly performed in the mid paced range of death metal with some faster passages played throughout the songs.Sean handles the vocals for the band and does a good job of old school,low death growls and some screams.Sean also takes care of the guitars and does a good job of writing and creating some very memorable guitar passages.Derek handles the drums for the band and plays a very unique and straight forward drumming style.The drums are mainly played with mid paced drum patterns but do speed up for a faster pace in a few of the songs.If you are a fan of Boethia's previous full length then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of the new EP.when it is released and if you are a new listener then expect nothing but a great release of unique and solid death metal.

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