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August 21, 2018 - Tennessee Hard Rock Band THE DARKEST HEARTS has released the official lyric video for their single, "Mississippi Devil." Created by Brad Owens of Snake Productions, "Mississippi Devil" grew legs and gained traction with Spotify in Europe with little promotion.

1. How would you describe your music?

TDH: Our music is a combination of rock/blues/punk/metal and all sorts of flavor portions from different styles and memories from each of us.

2. What gave you the idea for the EP/LP title?

TDH: Luke and Kramedj both had some unfinished song ideas as well as some finished songs that had never been released. The loose ends portion of the name came from those unfinished songs that were brought to the table. The ashes part came from the two songs that were not released prior to the two beginning the journey of writing together for the EP.

3. Do you all work together on the writing process?

TDH: The writing process is dependent on who had the idea to start. Whoever begins the process has the final say on that particular song. We all have our own view of how songs should go. It just depends on who comes to the table with a new idea.

4. How much time to do you take record songs?

TDH: As long as it takes to get the sound we are looking for. 

5. Does this release differ to past EP/LPS?

TDH: Yes, the release of “Mississippi Devil” was a single release. Mostly like a foreshadowing of the LP to come.

6. Do you like to change it up for each release with lyrical themes?

TDH: The changes are just based on each song. The music of each of the songs gives us a feeling and that feeling is what tells Kramedj how the lyrics should go.

7. Where do you draw your influences and inspirations?

TDH: Our influences are not just something that one person has. Each of us comes to the table with our own set of influences and inspirations. The combination of all of our individual influences is how we get our signature sound. 

8. What has been the most enjoyable thing you have done as a musician/singer?

TDH: Working together with all of the most talented musicians is the dream that we all look for as artists.

9. What do you feel is biggest challenge going forward with your career?

TDH: The biggest challenge is getting our music out to people and not getting lost in the shuffle of all the things that are pushed out to people by the machine that tells us what to listen to and what to watch and what to like. We are all individuals and we have our own ideas of what is good and what is not. Having the chance to get it out and let it be received.

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