The Death Of Superman is another recent title from the animated division of the DC movie universe. I've never read the comics on which the film is based, but the feature was a strong title with a well paced set up. Sadly, I'm very overloaded atm with the music portion of the site, so it is difficult to provide an in depth review, but I'll try to present a quick in and outs.

Voice Acting: The voice acting was excellent with all characters on form ranging from Superman, The Justice League members, Lois Lane, and even minor supporting roles were voiced to a high standard.

Animation: The animation was fairly solid, but not quite up there with Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay or Batman Ninja.

Plot: I haven't read the graphic novel on which the film is based, so I'm not sure if it differs, or if anything has been changed or removed, but it is quite an interesting story featuring the struggle Clark Kent is experiencing in contemplating whether to tell Lois Lane he is Superman. The exploration of Superman's human side added a degree of emotion and demonstrated Clark Kent's fears and insecurities, allowing the audience to relate to him. It presented Superman as a grounded character with another side to his personality. Perhaps, it may not be the most original aspect to the story, but it was balanced nicely.  

The main arc picks up when Doomsday crashes to earth and systematically sets about causing mayhem to all in his path. He quickly works his way through the Justice League, and Superman is faced with a titanic battle. I feel like I say this a lot when I watch the DC animated films, but they are on point in comparison to the live action counterparts.

Lex Luthor also goes toe to toe with Doomsday in a well crafted scene providing an alternative dynamic to the fight against the antagonist. I won't reveal what happens, but the title of the movie is a big hint, and the ending sets things up for the forthcoming sequel Reign of the Supermen.

Musical Score: I actually cannot remember, but I think it was standard stuff supporting the scenes. It was another case of watching the story points and action, rather than paying attention to the music. 

What I liked: I really enjoyed The Death Of Superman, I honestly don't think there was anything I was dissatisfied with. The memorable characters were Superman, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. Other notable performances came from the actors voicing Clark Kent's parents, and a bar owner who is friends with Superman.

I didn't like: Very little if anything, I'd maybe need to watch the film again to spot anything.

Rating: An excellent addition to the animated universe in DC films, and a strongly crafted title, which is nicely balanced between story and action. 


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