1. How would you describe your music?

Our music is in itself a mixture of styles within metal, death, black, doom, progressive etc. Based mostly on 90's metal influences but with a fresh sound that makes it very varied and special. They always tell us that it sounds very European, but that the percussions give it that Latin stamp that makes it special.

2. What gave you the idea for the single title?

The name of the band is a reflection of the weight of the soul, the internal gaps, the introspection that one makes about life and the situations that arise in it, that give us some experience where we ascend as thinking  and spiritual beings.
In what refers to the name of the album (Anfractuous Moments for Redemption) has to do with that process of searching for a path, making decisions in life, nobody gives you a manual to live life successfully, so there are frustrating and painful moments where through falls you can get up stronger and with a greater learning ... so this album talks about how difficult is the process of life, but when you are strong and you manage to get up you can see the light that is at end of the road and you realize that this light comes from your inner flame.

3. Do you work together with others in the writing process?

In Anfractuous moments ... we work together both lyrics and music. We had riffs preserved from our previous band (Twilight Mist) which we worked and achieved a very good result, understanding that each one has different influences, but we managed to obtain a result with a very own stamp. As for the lyrics I am sincere, I do not like much work on it, I prefer to contribute more with the musical since in addition to singing I also compose, so it was decided that each member made a lyric for the album, which turned out quite well, in addition, a friend of the band that writes poetry, made an ode to hush for the song "The Silence".

4. How long did it take to record the album?

Well, these processes are long since you must first compose the music and make the arrangements so that it is as you expect and then record the songs, which is the shortest process since you can have everything recorded in a couple of weeks and then move on to the Disc editing processes that an engineer does. We started 2015 and already in 2017 we had the album playing everywhere so it has been a fairly fluid process and we are already working on new material to have a second album in 2019.

5. Does this release differ from the material that comes or maintains the same style?

The truth is that the new material is darker, heavier and faster in general, but it keeps the essence of the band all the time, in fact we are already playing new material live, of the song that will surely be the first single titled "The Flame" and has had an excellent reception here in our country with very good comments from the public and the media, understanding that it was a step expected for the public that the album is heavier, therefore a natural evolution of our music, we have the certainty that the fans will love the new material.

6. Do you like to change it up for each release with lyrical themes?

In the case of W.O.E. The lyrical theme of the album was based on the search to find a way, however in this new album the lyric is more about the path already found and how we exert control and will over reality through our inner strength, separating ourselves from what enslaves us whether it be dogmas, politics, etc.

7. Where do you draw your influences and inspirations from?

Musically speaking, my influences have always been linked from childhood to metal, especially black and death metal, but I will always listen to what my spirit guides me. If something manages to move my senses I will listen to it no matter what.

I think that it shows in our music, since we do not put barriers at the moment of composing and we can put something progressive, black, jazz fusion or even something very Latin, but it will continue to sound like W.O.E.

8. What has been the most enjoyable thing you have done as a musician/singer? 

I think I really like the characterization or the theatrical on the stage and I have been able to develop some of that with my other band (Homicide) by putting on certain clothes or characterizations according to the theme of the album. Another very interesting thing that I have done is to realize a tribute to the album Kveldssanger by Ulver and playing it full live, it was very rewarding and I developed a part of myself as a musician that I had never done before.

9. What do you feel is the biggest challenge going forward with your career?

I think that currently the biggest challenge is to endure over time and not just stay with a couple of albums, but to work so that the band stays for a long time, and for that we have to work hard to get to know us all over the world , make video clips and go on a tour. That is the next challenge !!!

10. What do you enjoy outside of music?

I love the cinema, watching a movie that perplexes you and thinking days of what you could learn from it, I hope to discuss it with someone. It makes you think about human capacity and how we have been able to develop arts that are in themselves, mental deformations of reality, that impacts me a lot. I also love being with my daughters, being able to share with them, teaching them and laughing with their crazy things, you also see the human being and his growth reflected. And of course drink a good beer, that's a maximum relaxation and can not miss in the life of a good metalhead hahahaha

Thank you very much for the interview.


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