1. When did you first start singing?

15. I was pretty late to the party haha.

2. Which metal/blues vocalists have had the most impact upon you?

Metal singers for sure Rob Halford he sort of invented the quintessential heavy metal style. He took what hard rock vocalists like Robert Plant and took it even further. The fact he still outclasses so many modern vocalists today across all genres is a testament to his skill. As for blues my love for BB King knows no bounds. I got to see him live before he passed it will forever be one of my most cherished memories. Howlin' Wolf Muddy Waters, Lightnin' Hopkins, and Robert Johnson follow close behind. Those voices molded my style from an early age. It wasn't so much about their vocal ability but the feelings they could provoke in just a simple turn of a word.

3. How do you maintain your vocals?

It's a process I have become fairly good at keeping myself consistent. If I didn't move the entire show I could give all my efforts to my voicex but then at least to me it wouldn't be a very good show. You'll notice that in numbers where I don't move much is strictly because i want to really focus on the vocalization. If my throat gets sore i just drown myself in water, take an advil, and suck on a ricola cough drop. I work out a lot on and off the road to keep my endurance up. I want to be perfectly capable of delivering my best show night after night.

4. I'm a fan of Delta Blues musician/singer Brother Dege, have you heard his music, and ever seen him play live?

I have heard of him yes. I'm honestly not too much of a fan something about his translation of the music doesn't strike me. But hey what do I know?

5. What inspired the name 'Joyous Wolf'?

Nothing really we made the name on a band name generator website when we spent hours trying to think of one to no avail. Other names that came up were pretty funny. "Global Death" and "intense Resentment" had us laughing pretty hard. As I see it now it stands as an accurate description of our music's attitude. Jovial but dangerous modern rock. Somewhere between Joy Division and Howlin Wolf is a fun way I like to think of it personally. If you told somebody that they'd be like "Well what does that sound like?"

6. Why did you choose to cover Mountain's Mississippi Queen?

It's funny because years ago when we first began we used to have a group playlist online where we'd just dump music into. Whatever any of us felt like sharing ended up on there. Blake's first song he showed us was Mississippi Queen we never thought that song would end up being something we'd do. Life is funny that way. We ultimately ended up doing it to pay respect to Mountain and the man who wrote it Leslie West. For whatever reason it just really fit our style.

7. What influenced the title for your song 'Slow Hand'?

I had an incredible dream once about a boy who was a savant/schizophrenic who ended up having his gifts abused by a greedy company. In my dream it was the early 1900's people didn't understand mental illness then. The people in his town referes to him as "Slow Hand" due to his inability to react to things normally. I awoke, wrote the whole dream down and the music had already existed so when I went to practice that day I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. I'm very proud of the song and story I spin within it. It's really my best arc I think. His beginning, middle, and end are shown exactly how I wanted it to be depicted. 

8. What do you enjoy the most about creating music and what does it mean you?

I've always been a story teller. I love telling stories, whether I've made them up or its something that really happened. I was the kid who would come up with the games to play at recess. I uses to create worlds and assign my friends characters. I love being able to entertain people with my view point and imagination. Creating music saves my soul. Without it I don't know what I'd be doing. It gave me life. It gave me purpose.

9. What is the best advice you have been given so far in your career?

To not listen to anybody, trust my gut feelings, and always give it absolutely everything I can.

10. How did you form the relationship with Road Runner Records?

They saw us play at Aftershock festival last year. It was a landmark moment for us a group one of our best and most memorable performances. That's what began our involvement with the label.

11. When do you plan to release your full length album?


Hopefully by the upcoming summer!

12. What advice would you give to a band/musician starting in the scene?

Fuck everybody else. If you truly believe what you believe in is good then work on it so hard to where it's personified. Give it life! Dream that lie until its true! Never give up np matter how many pitfalls you experience! Most importantly though don't follow trends just go in and make what you want. The moment we stopped trying to do what everybody else was doing was the moment people began to take us seriously and connect with what we made.

13. What is the best method you would recommend for musicians to develop inspiration for creating songs?

I personally hate questions like this. There is no formula to inspiration. Write what you feel is true. Write what feels right. Let it all just flow out of you. If there is even a semblance of doubt in what you're creating stop and start over. Either its real or it isn't. Just open yourself up and let it all happen

14. Do you all work together on the writing process?

We do yes. Whether it's something we jam on the fly, or somebody brings a piece or sometimes and entire song we all get our hands on it. We are a team. We couldn't function if one of us was not present, we created our sound together. I feel privileged every day that I found people I can write with. We are all very self critical so we work very hard to make sure that the song reaches beyond what it initially is to be.

15. How long does it take it to write your songs?

Sometimes 5 minutes. Sometimes and entire year. It's all over the place. We never force anything we have great pieces of songs but haven't found anything to compliment those pieces so that it could become a song. Some day though I can say certainly that we will.

16. How long does it take to record your songs?

Once we have it down to a science we can get it tracked in a few hours.

17. Do you write the lyrics first, or create the riffs, then add the lyrics later?

I do both personally. I write often in journals, i have many of them scattered all over my room and with me on tour. Sometimes I'll write a poem and it will become the basis for the lyrics in future song. Sometimes in the middle of the jam it will just hit me. I feel the song and the movie plays in my head. The words just flow after that. I use that draft as a reference then work on it more on my own time.

18. Do you change up the lyrical themes with each song you write/record?

Yes no 2 songs are alike. I do enjoy adding history into music. I've written entire songs about historical figures I find fascinating. I like to experiment. I have a couple of dream songs besides Slow Hand. I always want to write about things that aren't the norm. I've personally had enough of modern song writers always seems to be about the same 3 things. There isn't too much wrong with that but I really do try to go outside of the box. I also like to inject bits of humor into songs.

19. What advice would you give for overcoming writer's block as a musician?

Just write anything down. Make things up on the spot about literally anything on paper. Eventually you will start to fall back into it. Just keep the gears turning.

20. What are you most excited about for the new tour with Royal Bliss and Messer?

Just meeting new people and playing to new audiences who don't know who we are. We will give them all we got so they see the show of their lives.

21. And where would you like to tour next?

Europe next tear hopefully! I can't wait to see how those audiences react to our live show. It's an exhilarating thought.

22. Who would you like to share the stage with?

My brothers in at Of Limbo they just got back on their feet after a horrible car accident earlier this year. I love them like family. Their music is great check out their album Nicotine best rock album of last year hands down in my opinion. We are actually playing with them at their first show back at The Slidebar in Fullerton CA on the 20th! Besides them I'd love to play with other young rock acts tearing it up out there. I want that friendly competition. I love a challenge.

23. What are your favorite heavy metal/rock artists/bands?

This list could be very very long haha I'll name a handful in no particular order. Joe Cocker, Otis Redding, James Brown, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Soundgarden, Judas Priest, Elvis Presley, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Joy Division, Iron Maiden, Rage Against The Machine, list goes on and on haha

24. What other styles of music do you all enjoy outside of rock/metal?

I personally grew up on 50s Rock and Roll, jazz, and blues. That's the music that shaped me. I love new wave music back in the late 70s early 80s. That was to me an extremely creative time in music. I'm like an encyclopedia at this point I'm well self educated in everything from Mel Torme to Slayer.

25. When I was reading about the band, you guys seem to have a warm relationship that has helped you work together. Do you think this will help you maintain longevity as a band?

We have a very good understanding of each other especially now after touring so much the last year. We are all very different but also the same. We accept each other for who we are and that's a really great thing. I feel that our shared motivations and perspectives will keep us working together for many years to come.

26. What was the experience like playing with Five Finger Death Punch, Judas Priest, and Fozzy? 

Well for the first 2 we've just been on festivals together. I don't care for five finger at all. Really don't see the appeal. Just isn't for me. Playing the same stage as Priest was something I will never forget as long as I live. Touring with Fozzy was just amazing they were really great to us and treated us like family. We still keep in touch with them online. True blue stand up guys.

27. Are you fans of wrestling?

Not so much now but I enjoyed playing the video games as a kid. I actually told Chris Jericho when we first met about how I played as him in the WWF games haha.

28. What do you enjoy outside of music?

I love to read and to write poetry. Short stories too. I like to spend time with my family and close ones. I love horribly bad movies that make me die laughing. I like to watch stand up comedy too. Going outdoors and seeing things. Experiencing people and places etc. Keeping the upstairs lights on so to speak. Those things help keep me inspired.

29. What would be some of your favorite movies?

Chaplin, Forest Gump, Grand Budapest Hotel, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Baby Driver, The Shining, Rocky, Nightcrawler, John Wick, and The Time Machine to name a few.

30. Do you all read and what would be some of your favorite books/writers?

I read personally I don't know about the others but it ranges from long science articles online to my mini obsession with Shakespeare. I enjoy reading that version of the english language its like a pallet cleanser. I really do dabble in just about everything. I even the dictionary and thesaurus for fun.
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