1. How would you describe your music?

We consider our music to be Post-Apocalyptic Alternative Metal. We mix thrash and melodic riffs with a grooveful drumming and various vocal registers. All the guys in the band have different musical tastes (from thrash to prog metal, passing through neoclassical guitarists and Italian rock music) which, merged together, make our sound original and hard to identify with a specific metal genre. Our songs are set in gloomy and post-apocalyptic atmospheres and talk about fighting your inner demons, the failure of modern age and the rise of a new era of man.

2. What gave you the idea for the single title?
The second single we just released is entitled ‘The Oracle’. One day our singer Maurizio had a vision of a future world where mankind is brought to ashes as a mean for its rebirth. A wanderer in this dystopian world seeks the Oracle, a human-machine hybrid goddess, and executrix of the destruction. The man, full of doubts and rage, asks her for the reasons of her actions, and she reveals to him that this purification through fire was needed for the improvement of mankind, as only through suffering can our souls be reborn.

3. Do you work together with others in the writing process?
Songwriting is a process that involves the whole band. Even if everyone is king in his own department, every idea must be approved by the whole band before being considered song material. We start with a riff, a rhythm pattern, or lyrics, then try to create a musical structure that holds enough to be evaluated. Usually at that point "the Flow" of the song starts to pop out. It's basically a mix of feelings and atmospheres that evolve inside the song. We then try to harness this flow and go through a process we call "Revolutionizing the song", where we re-examine all the pieces and see if they fit, and in case they don't, we change them accordingly.

4. How much time do you take to record songs?
It can vary wildly. Our songwriting process is quite complicated and some songs have been broken down and rebuilt many times before being done. Take ‘Meek and the Bold’ for example, it was written in less than a month because we had this clear idea of a fast and simple opening track that would pack a punch. While ‘Daydream’, on the other hand, is a very complex multi-stage journey into one of Maurizio's visions, and it took many attempts to truly find the flow of its parts and make them work together. From the day of conception to the day it was finished there was probably more than a year.

5. Does this release differ from past music releases? How?

During the three years of work on the new album “Vagrant”, we had time to create our own sound, and also care about the details of every single song. We entered the studio with a precise idea of how we wanted the record to sound like.  Making “Vagrant” was a time and energy-consuming process, but we are definitely satisfied with the final result. When we recorded “Lead the Way & the Old Days Remastered” in 2013, many of us were entering a recording studio for the first time. Our songs were unripe, which is typical of a band existing from just two years. We made many beginner mistakes, but we learned a lot from that.

6. Do you like to change it up for each release with lyrical themes?
We have always been fascinated by the human being and his contradictions, so we will probably keep writing on that for a long time!

The exploration of these inner conflicts and the post-apocalyptic visions fall within a pattern of spiritual and psychological journeys, and that is why we choose “Vagrant” to be the name of this album. We still don't know what direction we are going to take with our future releases.

7. Where do you draw your influences and inspirations from?
We take inspiration from the inner conflicts of human nature and their sociological consequences. The burst of rage that flows through you when you witness something unjust or wrong. The frustration from not being able to act, in fear of losing something. The realization that by being passive, what you lose is your humanity. The drive to overcome your limits.

8. What has been the most enjoyable thing you have done as a musician/singer?
Seeing “Vagrant” coming to life was incredible. It was a great satisfaction for us, and the coronation of three years of work. We really can’t wait for November 9th, when the album will be released for everybody to listen!

9. What do you feel is the biggest challenge going forward with your career?
With the launch of this album approaching, we had to shift our resources to aspects of music business that are not close to music itself. We need to strike a new balance between these two worlds, to keep alive the drive that comes from creating new music.

10. What do you enjoy outside of music?

We enjoy staying with our families, one of us has children to care of, one plays golf, another plays video games. Living in a band, on top of our daily jobs, takes pretty much up all the spare time we have!
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