Interview with Rival's John Johnson (bass/vocals)

1. How would you describe your music? 

John J.: Heavy and progressive power metal
2. What gave you the idea for the single title? 

John J.: In reference to the song prophecy, I was watching a documentary on prophets and their predictions of what was destined to be. And how some of what they have predicted has actually happened. Fascinating.     
3. Do you work together with others in the writing process? 

John J.; I work with the other members of the band and only the other members. To come up with the songs/ideas and then I write the lyrics to complete the process.
4. How much time to do you take record songs? 

John J.: Well it all depends; the recording process is fairly quick.
But as far as coming up with the right stuff to record, now that’s something else. But when it’s all said and done; what we record in the end is what’s intended.

5. Does this release differ from past music releases? How? 

John J.: YES! In so many ways, because with this release we got in the driver seat and ran with it. Unlike our previous works, we recorded, mixed, and mastered it entirely on our own. As well as the artwork and photography. This project was entirely us 

6. Do you like to change it up for each release with lyrical themes?  

John J.: We do what comes naturally. When we gather enough material, we assess the best title and theme for the project to create the album. Lyrically speaking.     

7. Where do you draw your influences and inspirations from?  

John J.: as far as my influences and inspirations are concerned. It has a lot to do with the music that has affected my life so deeply that it has made me who I am today. And that music is METAL! From the early days of Maiden to the present day with bands like Five Finger Death Punch, the power of this music is what makes me who I am. 
8. What has been the most enjoyable thing you have done as a musician/singer? 

John J.: First off I have to say, performing in front of a highly responsive crowd dose it for me every time. But as far as the most enjoyable, it has to be jamming in Germany. Wow that was the best feeling ever. The people loved us as a band and we felt it. Our music was very well received.    

9. What do you feel is the biggest challenge going forward with your career? 

John J.: It’s hard to say, we’re living in a strange time right now. Where the metal I grew up loving has changed and somehow transformed into something I don’t quite understand. So for now, it’s all about adapting to this new style of metal and making the best of it for whatever it’s worth.     
10. What do you enjoy outside of music? 

John J.: Well I’m sort of a health nut. Biking, skateboarding, and weight lifting,  is sort of what I like to do outside of the music. 

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