1. How would you describe your music?

I’d describe the music as diverse but aggressive. A majority of the music that appears on the album” Year Two” has a very metal vibe due to guitar tones and double bass pedal work. However, the dynamic vocal work was intentionally melodic with inspirations spanning from grunge rock to Swedish death metal. It makes for a familiar sound but with a unique vibe. Also, nearly every song incorporates instrumentation beyond the standard guitar, bass, drums, and vocals formula. This allows the overall album to feel cohesive in nature while each song feels unique.

2. What gave you the idea for the single title?


The title “Year Two” refers to the literal year of existence for the project. The band “Unto the Wolves” is, in fact, a project based entirely on Patreon. For those who don’t know, Patreon is a site allowing subscribers to pay a monthly subscription to gain content from artists and musicians. “Unto the Wolves” is a one-man music project focused on writing, recording, mixing, producing, engineering, mastering, and copyrighting a new song every month. Every month explores a different culture and/or religion which then inspires the song released that month. The album is a compilation of content released the second year of the project.

3. Do you work together with others in the writing process?

I typically do not work with others in the writing process solely because many find it difficult to work within such a strict schedule of release. However, I did make it a point to work with one other artist for at least one song on this album. The song “The Catacombs” features the front man for “Aesthetic Perfection”, Daniel Graves. He and I worked together on the lyrics and vocal work. This one song was started 3 months early to allow Daniel time to complete his work.

4. How much time to do you take to record songs?

I work to complete every song in one month with exception to when I work with another artist, to which I allow about 4 months to work on a song.

5. Does this release differ from past music releases? How?

This album differs from “Year one” in a couple of ways. “Year One” was written with the intention to be on the lighter side. Musically speaking, the goal was to write content for a wide range of music lovers. Since the topic is so diverse, an attempt was made to make the album a bit diverse while staying true to my metal roots. “Year two” however, I decided that since the premise has been established, it’s time to lean into what I enjoy playing. I’ve always enjoyed playing metal and I felt I could enjoy the project more if I stayed true to that. Luckily, I was right in that I really enjoyed writing this album.

6. Do you like to change it up for each release with lyrical themes?

Yes, depending on your definition of themes. I believe every song has a different theme because I chose to focus on a different culture or religion to inspire the songs. This naturally led to different topics across the board.

7. Where do you draw your influences and inspirations from?

The different cultures and religions of the world.

8. What has been the most enjoyable thing you have done as a musician/singer?

To be honest, I love recording. Just the raw creation of something that didn’t exist before creates such a feeling of accomplishment, I truly enjoy it. I also can release negative emotions while performing so it really is important to me.

9. What do you feel is the biggest challenge going forward with your career?


Getting the word out that I exist would be the biggest challenge I’ve had and that I anticipate coming.

10. What do you enjoy outside of music?

Other than music, I enjoy gaming, working on electronics and my family.


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