Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay, is a recent film set in the DC animated universe, and features the voice of Christian Slater as Deadshot. The title has been sat on my shelf for a while with a number of other DVDs, which I never got around to watching due to school studies. With that been said, I'm finally in a position to play catch up.

Hell To Pay
is an entertaining and enjoyable movie, which I found better than Gotham By Gaslight, which was disappointing. The opening introduction is the least enjoyable part, and it had me wondering if the movie was going to be any good. It is a standard sequence with some bland characters (mainly the court jester and a psychic that I was happy to see vacate the movie). 

However, skip ahead to the introduction of Amanda Waller and the new mission for Task Force X, then all my fears were put to bed. Amanda Waller isn't a likeable character or a person full of warmth, but in my opinion, that is what makes her role, she is the real villain, and often equal in nature to those she hunts. 

The members of Task Force X include Deadshot who is played well and does a fairly solid shift in the film. Captain Boomerang is much better than the live action counterpart and has some amusing lines. Killer Frost puts in a steady performance and was one of the stand out members of the team. Bronze Tiger was a little bland, but not bad, and fellow newcomer Copperhead was just ok, not terribly exciting, and lacked the presence of Deadshot and Killer Frost.

Harley Quinn, was well Harley Quinn. If you are a fan of Harley Quinn, then it is the usual random madness, but thankfully she is kept to a minimum. Harley has always been one of my least favorite DC characters, and there is a funny moment in act 3 when Killer Frost freezes her mouth shut to stop her talking, which made me laugh. I guess the Harley fans will feel she was underutilised, and she probably was, but the less I see of Harley, the better.

Voice Acting:
Overall, the voice acting is good and served the characters well, especially Deadshot, Killer Frost, Zoom, and Amanda Waller.

The animation is good and Hell To Pay was a better Suicide Squad movie than the live action film, which I strangely enjoyed.


The story is fairly average and features immortal caveman Vandal Savage trying to secure an occult item. Vandal's daughter Scandal Savage, and her girlfriend Knockout are attempting to secure the mystical prize on his behalf. Vandal's role is really more of a cameo feature during act 3.

However, it was Zoom that stole the villains spotlight, and I found him much more interesting and captivating when he was on screen. He is also pursuing the strange object, aided by Banshee and an undead looking Hulk type creature.

Musical Score:
I'd need a second viewing to gain an accurate review for the score, but I was too busy watching the action sequences, which should testify to the fun facts with Hell To Pay.

What I liked:
Action sequences, Deadshot, Zoom, Killer Frost, Amanda Waller (even though I'm not a fan, I respect her as a character and what she represents, which is why she is well written).

I didn't like: 
Poor introduction, opening sequence characters which were a court jester and his girlfriend, a psychic, and Harley Quinn (but I'm not a fan).

Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay is an entertaining film with good voice acting and fun action sequences. Task Force X does outshine the other characters in the movie, excluding Zoom who carried an aura of mystery and had me asking what happened to him? In the next Suicide Squad movie, I'd like to see the team attempting to develop a winning a strategy against a deadlier opponent, and I think it would add an interesting dynamic.

It is a pity the live action counterpart to DC animated films cannot seem to get their shape together, but Hell To Pay is worth adding to your collection.


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