The Predator from Paradigm Reviews (Planet X Films) /w Ancient Visionz

Paradigm Radio is another show myself and VX host, and here is a recent episode we streamed on YouTube to chat about The Predator movie, and there more live shows coming soon on both our channels.

Ross and Mac from Paradigm Review Show from Planet X Films are joined by Gaz of "Ancient Visionz" to discuss Shane Black's "The Predator" 

Planet X Films YouTube
Ancient Visionz YouTube

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About Ancient Visionz

Gaz Visionz is a writer and Internet Radio DJ with the punk/metal show 'The Wastelands'. He is also a YouTube podcaster/creator, host of Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, co-host of Paradigm Radio with Planet X Films, and a passionate fan of hardcore punk, metal, underground hip hop, movies, science-fiction, comics, and indie film.
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