The Wastelands 31-10-18 Play List (HC Punk) (Cranium Radio)

Cranium Radio are a fully licensed legit station, so the license doesn't cover archives from music shows. This just relates to music and not talk radio shows, so Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, which is done independently outside of Cranium Radio will upload archives as normal.

Featured in this episode: Underground Hip Hop, Conscious Hip Hop, HC Hip Hop, Hardcore, HC Punk, Metallic HC, NYHC, Punk, Thrash, Crossover, Brutal DM, Death Metal, Death Doom, Old School DM, Metal, Grindcore, & more!

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Senser - State of Mind (5:12)
Lee Reed - Killshot (2:47)
Sam Krats feat. Ruste Juxx - The Chosen (3:58)
Bliss n Eso - House Of Dreams (4:48)
Guerrilla Alliance - Star Metal Ft Chino Xl (Cuts By Tone Spliff) (5:38)
Combat Wombat - alternative energy [ft. ozi batla] (5:06)
Caxton Press - Rally Up (4:07)
Jon Murdock - The War Is On (feat. Lex Starwind) (5:45)
Kool G Rap & Necro - Teflon Dons (2:35)
Triple Darkness - Finger Jab (4:17)
Dr. Creep - I'm Destructive (2:35)
Hospice Crew - Cop It Sweet (3:59)
ADE - Zama: Where Tusks are Buried (4:47)
Broken Flesh - Exalt (2:25)
Ferum - Subconscious Annihilation (4:38)
DEMONBREED - Suprema (3:46)
Bloodbath - Warhead Ritual (3:38)
Unleashed - By the Western Wall (4:17)
In Malice's Wake - Hear The Howls (4:52)
Legion of the Damned - Morbid Death (3:47)
The Haunted - Victim iced (2:56)
Creative Waste - Detriment (2:59)
DeathTrap - Grind them down (0:48)
Despise You - Centinela Park, Hosanna (1:05)
Eaten - Entombed In Failure (1:35)
Falter - Not Welcome (0:49)
fluoride - restraint (1:37)
Gadget - Down and Out (1:53)
Grassroll - Humanimal Sickness (1:18)
Napalm Death - Suffer the Children (4:21)
All Out War - Nothing Left to Bleed (3:53)
SHORT FUSE - Trapped (0:51)
Steel Nation - Unbreakable Chains (3:26)
blackseer - Covenant of the Damned (3:33)
Civilian War - Cut Short (2:31)
Dead Man's Chest - Omens of Man (4:09)
Angustia - Así lo planearon (1:31)
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