Ancient Visionz Radio (11-11-18): Interview with Gage (Unto The Wolves) (Metal/Hard Rock)

Ancient Visionz Radio Episode 11-11-18. Gaz & VX were joined by Gage from hard rock/metal band Unto The Wolves. He discussed the inspiration behind the album 'Year Two', & its influences from ancient cultures, folklore, and various religions. Other topics included metal, hip hop, movies, music, history, & sci-fi. 

All music removed due to YouTube copyright policy. 

Music included on the Google Drive link below. 

Track list of songs featured from Year Two
    Unto the Wolves - Immortal (Raelism) (4:51)
    Unto the Wolves - The Catacombs with Daniel Graves (Austria) (5:16)
    Unto the Wolves - Validate the Pain (Mexican Folklore) (4:00)
    Unto the Wolves - The Written Word (Druidism) (7:05)
    Unto the Wolves - Immune to the Cold (Inuit Tribe) (6:19)
    Unto the Wolves - A Will of Servitude (Whirling Dervish) (5:01)
    Unto the Wolves - Symptom of Loyalty (American Culture) (5:53)

Ancient Visionz Radio 11-11-18: Interview w/ Gage (Unto The Wolves) (Metal/Hard Rock)

Unto The Wolves 

Ancient Visionz 

Ancient Visionz Radio

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