Into The Void On Ancient Visionz Radio Today! (Sci-Fi/Web TV Series)

Joining Ancient Visionz Radio today, are Michael and Laura Gates, the team behind Into the Void, a sci-fi indie series, which is looking to shoot the pilot episode. It is an interesting concept for a web TV series and we are thrilled to chat to Michael and Laura. 

Please join us live from 5pm-7pm EST/3pm-5pm Mountain, and 10pm-12am UK on:

Links & further info below:

What do you do when you need demo footage for a show you haven't even shot yet? Get some friends together and shoot a trailer! Want to see the pilot episode? Consider supporting us Check out our Indiegogo campaign and consider supporting us! 

Marcus DeVol has shoved off on his first voyage as captain of the destroyer/escort Chimera. Relatively young for his position, and likely ill-suited for it to begin with, he is a descendant of one of the founding members of his colony. Nova Albany was originally founded by American settlers; independence has come, and she is now a nation unto herself. She has existed in this state for less than a century, but is fat with wealth. 

Unfortunately for Marcus, his family has fallen on hard times: their social and economic status has faded, and the family fortune along with it; circumstances have led to Marcus - more of an academic than a military man - being pressed by his father into a purchased commission, set to command Chimera in a last attempt to restore the family by running down pirates and blacklisted vessels for prize money. It's a "safe" job by military standards, but a change of orders just before cast-off will send Marcus and his crew far from home and into very real danger. Success promises a tremendous prize; the cost of failure may be their lives. 

Performers: Dominic Bingen, Andrew Comden, Drew Comerci, Michael Gates, Charles Grossen, Henry Grossen, Jasper Johnson, Justus Thomas, David Mahan, Samir Zoorob.

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