Meathook--Crypts,Coffins,Corpses cd {Unmatched Brutality Records} posted on 12-9-18 done by Patrick

Meathook--Crypts,Coffins,Corpses cd {Unmatched Brutality Records}
Coming out of Arizona's brutal death metal scene is Meathook  with their third full length release.Crypts,Coffins,Corpses is nine vicious and brutal songs that range from intense fast music to a more controlled mid paced range.The vocals are guttural,deep growls that fit Meathook's brutal style perfectly.The guitars are played with chaotic and extremely fast guitar patterns.The guitarist does play with a lightning fast pace can also write some memorable and well executed guitar parts even adding in some solo's throughout the songs.The drumming is done with violent and intense blast beats but the drummer can write and perform some well structured drum patterns.
 If you are looking for a great sick,brutal release to start off 2019 with then do yourself a favor and be sure to pick up Crypts,Coffins,Corpeses once it is released.
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