The next set of Ancient Visionz Radio interviews are due on air next weekend with Concrete Funeral and Nucleus. However, there possibly may be some mid week shows or video reviews from myself, depending on quick I work through all interview submissions and promos (I have a backlog of over 300 atm).

I'll be updating the site and YouTube description soon to reflect the new content, which is coming to the channel. I'll be doing reviews for music at long last, but mainly only genres/music that I actually enjoy, or if something catches my attention. The channel shall be updated on a frequent basis with scheduled guests or reviews. 

Patrick handles the written reviews/interviews for the site. I will be doing everything on YouTube with Ancient Visionz Radio and Paradigm Reviews. Metal, hardcore, punk, hip hop, indie film, movies, comedy horror movies (when I can catch them on TV), and of course anything PX Media related.

Ancient Visionz Radio YouTube channel

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About Ancient Visionz

Gaz Visionz is a writer and Internet Radio DJ with the punk/metal show 'The Wastelands'. He is also a YouTube podcaster/creator, host of Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, co-host of Paradigm Radio with Planet X Films, and a passionate fan of hardcore punk, metal, underground hip hop, movies, science-fiction, comics, and indie film.
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