What kind of site is Ancient Visionz? 
Ancient Visionz is a site where I post news about Ancient Visionz Talk Radio, which features reviews, interviews, and discussions covering music, movies, indie film, sci-fi, TV series, gaming, history, and general areas of interest and nerdom.

Please subscribe and visit the new Ancient Visionz YouTube channel where you can watch and listen to radio show interviews, and updates concerning everything we do. 

Outside of Ancient Visionz, I upload my extreme metal/punk podcast 'Mosh', which means exactly what the title suggests.
Brief overview of what Gaz and Patrick do on the Ancient Visionz site:

Gaz: Hosts Ancient Visionz Talk Radio (movie reviews/indie film, discussions & interviews), co-hosts Paradigm Reviews with Planet X Films, uploads podcasts on the Ancient Visionz YouTube including content covering underground music and film.

Hosts & uploads monthly podcast 'Mosh' for extreme metal & extreme punk.

Patrick: Written metal reviews & interviews.
What do you interview/review on Ancient Visionz talk radio? 

Topics such as: Movies, indie film, sci-fi, TV series, music, gaming, history, and general areas of interest and nerdom.

Why don't you host your own festivals, live shows, sponsor tours/albums?
I'm independent, and have a very limited budget.

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