Is Ancient Visionz just a metal site? 
It is a site for metal, punk/hc, and underground hip hop. However, sometimes when able we do post other music or posts, which fall under 'random'. They can be other music, movie reviews, or anything of interest. Previously, I'd tried to cover everything, but could never get anyone to help myself and Patrick, so the site mainly covers underground metal/punk/hc/hip hop, but Ancient Visionz Talk Radio features other genres through live interviews. The Wastelands also caters for underground metal/punk/hc/hip hop with radio play.

Brief overview of what Gaz and Patrick do on Ancient Visionz:

Gaz: Hosts Ancient Visionz Talk Radio (movie reviews/discussions & interviews), Djs The Wastelands Metal/Punk radio show (thrash/dm/punk/hc/crust/dbeat/grind).

Patrick: Written metal reviews & interviews.
Are Only Metal Artists Featured On Ancient Visionz Talk Radio Show?
No, we feature guests from all scenes/backgrounds. The show focuses on movie reviews and discussions. There are 4 live episodes a month, which involve 2 episodes featuring movie discussions/reviews, and the other 2 are interviews with a band/artist. 

What do you interview on Ancient Visionz talk radio? 

Movies: Major and indie releases.  

Comics: DC, Marvel, Image, etc.

Metal: Death Metal, Thrash, Metal, Underground Hard Rock.
Punk/HC: HC, Crust, D-Beat, Underground Punk Rock.

Underground Hip Hop: Conscious Hip Hop, Real Hip Hop, Underground Hip Hop, HC Hip Hop, Boom Bap. 

Blues & Dark Country: Underground Blues, Blues Rock, Blues Metal, Dark Country. Stuff that's got soul, good acoustic strings, guitars, and rawness/grit in the vocals. 

Other music: Singers/Songwriters, Reggae, Jazz.

What do you play on The Wastelands radio show?
Death Metal, HC, Thrash, Crust, D-Beat, Grindcore, Underground Punk.

Why don't you have an official .com site? 
I cannot afford one, everything on Ancient Visionz is 100% DIY, and I rely on relationships I build with others.

Why don't you host your own festivals, live shows, sponsor tours/albums?
I'm DIY and have a very limited budget.

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